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Cats peeing on plastic

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Urinating in odd places can mean either a behavior problem or a medical problem and sometimes the difference is not clear cut. Further, cats often urinate in unusual places in an effort to reassert their claim to territory, this need often arising from psychological stress and psychological stress can easily lead to a disease state.

Some cats have purely behavioral motivations without illness. There are many causes for this syndrome, including psychological stress.

It may be hard to determine if a cat urinating outside the litter box has this syndrome and it is important to observe for the signs Cats peeing on plastic in addition to inappropriate urination. Cats with this syndrome often but not always receive a medically oriented approach addressing inflammation in the bladder. Cats use urination Cats peeing on plastic defecation as a means of communication with other cats. Psychological stress, such as the presence of other cats, prolonged absence of the owner who is usually viewed as a parent by the pet cator other problems may create a need for a cat to reassert a territorial claim.

Signs that this kind of stress is causing the problem might include some or all of the following:.

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Urinating in the litter box sometimes and sometimes urinating elsewhere as opposed to never using the box at all. The area marked is the same each time. If any of these scenarios seem to fit, anti-anxiety medications may be tremendously helpful if these source of stress cannot be identified or cannot be altered.

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One of the main things to address with this problem is to make the cat feel more secure in the environment in which he now feels threatened. With this in mind, try creating high places in which the cat can climb or jump.

Cats peeing on plastic blankets and a little food in these areas. Place paper sacks or cardboard boxes in these areas for him to hide. Make sure there are several of these out of reach places so the cat will have several choices of areas to feel secure while still enjoying your company.

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Place some of his food in the areas in which he sprays or puddles. Look for a toy, or something you create, which you can stuff with cat food and he will be required to work at reaching it. Interact with Paddy on a regular daily basis with the special stuffed toy and chase and catch toys such as a tennis ball or a feather attached to a string. Use the stuffed toy to teach Paddy that there are appropriate was of relieving tension by rough play with the toy.

Encourage him in predatory behaviour Cats peeing on plastic the toy. Put all the toys away when you are finished with the scheduled play.

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Catnip and catnip toys should only be for the play time. Put them in plastic bags to keep them fresh. Of Cats peeing on plastic importance is cleaning up the areas which he has sprayed. This must be done thoroughly with a non-biological cleaner odour eliminator. If your cat sprays, do not say anything to him, just clean the area again and place some of his food in that area.

When possible, anything that he has sprayed in the past that cannot be removed should be made off bounds. Perhaps you could temporarily cover it with plastic sheeting shower curtain or place partially sprung mouse traps upside down and underneath the rug or whatever. Something which would make a scary noise if he stepped on it. Cats peeing on plastic

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Plastic bubble wrap is another substrate that most cats do not like and can be used in this Cats peeing on plastic. On the other hand, make his litter boxes a place of solace and security. Use newspaper as we discussed as a substrate since he likes that so well. Always leave a tiny bit of his urine in his box so he knows it is his.

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